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Tim Whalen


Tim Whalen, originally from Freeport, IL and moved to West MI back in 2006. Then moved to Cincinnati in 2008, Louisville in 2012, and moved back to the West Michigan area to finish the race in 2015. He is married to Tracie, "the most wonderful wife", for 26 years! Tim is a home schooling father of 4 who has been working in the field of Automation for almost thirty years. Starting in Product Design Engineering at Honeywell, a product manager for a time, and then went into field sales covering Industrial Automation throughout the midwest for the last 20 years. He has seen everything from cars getting made to bottles getting filled to pigs and cows getting slaughtered to just about everything in between! As well as being a laid back guy, Tim likes to get things done and is very thankful for what God has done in his life.


Marty Reyes


Marty Reyes, who is our Chief of Operations, has also been married for 26 years. Marty has worked in manufacturing, Information Technology, and Automation for over 30 years, and is a home schooling father of three. Marty brings an enthusiasm for technology, instruction, and solving problems to our team that is rare to find in one individual! He has been a great mentor and friend.  We are glad to call him a brother and a partner!


Jordan Spencer

Director of Videography

Jordan Spencer, our Director of Videography is a husband of 12 years, a father of two, and a fairly new entry into the arena of Automation and Home Schooling. He has his own production company making various video projects around the themes of outdoor living and christian ministry. Jordan is our resident, "good ol' boy" from Florida who has been living in Michigan for the last few years. He is destined to return to his alligator hunting ways at some point – but we are so very thankful to have his desire to serve Christ and his talents as a Videographer in this mission!


Joshua Reyes

Multimedia Guru

Joshua Reyes, a young talented video editor who is trying to make his way in the media world. Being homeschooled for 9 years, he can provide an inside look into the mind of a homeschooler. After going to school for film, he has brought his wisdom and enthusiasm back to help with our videos, as well as, our websites and all areas of multimedia. 

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